Damage Assessment

Damage Assessment Photo

The purpose of this survey is to collect damage information for private property to assess the extent of the overall damage in Baltimore City after severe weather or disaster. This information will assist the Baltimore City Office of Emergency Management in determining resident needs for response and recovery. This information may also lead to additional formal damage assessment by Baltimore City. Filling out this survey does not guarantee disaster aid from the federal government. This survey is not for life-threatening needs. Please call 911 if you are in danger or have any life-threatening needs.

Review and report damage after a recent storm. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Common questions you may be asking before, or after, damage has occurred in our community. 

Does a damage assessment gurantee local, state, or federal aid and/or financial assistance ? 

No. After a significant emergency or disaster, the Baltimore City Office of Emergenct Management staff collect information on the level of damage as well as the cost of damage to both public and private property.  In the event that a large amount of Baltimore City damage has occured, the information will be shared with the state and federal government requesting a need for possible disaster assistance.  In order for Baltimore City to qualify for individual assistance (aid for private property), a large amount of damage in dollars must be met.  The goal of  Baltimore City Office of Emergency Management damage assessment operations is to thoroughly collect damage estimates in the City to push for resident assistance as often as we can based on the threshold to help our residents recover.