Graphic to describe four aspects of what Community Emergency Response Teams do: Residential and Community Checks, Emergency Operations Center Staffing, Public Information, Traffic and Crowd Management. There are four icons with octagonal borders to correspond with the different tasks. The icon for Residential and Community Checks is a white house with a dual-toned yellow background. The icon for Emergency Operations Center Staffing is a dual-toned red octagon with a white fire alarm. The icon for Public Information is a dual-toned green octagon with a megaphone overlay in white. The icon for Traffic and Crowd Management is a dual-toned teal octagon with a white car overlaying it.

Join your neighborhood Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

  • Prepare your community for disaster
  • Learn basic emergency response
  • Search and rescue techniques

Sign up to train today! Attendees receive a certificate from Citizen Corps.

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Attend the upcoming CERTCON with us in Prince Georges County. This 2-day event will take place on September 23rd and 24th.

It is definately going to be a fun, family event for current CERT members!





Please contact [email protected] to learn about training opportunities or to setup a class for your neighborhood or call (410) 396-6188.