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Preparing for emergencies is serious business, but did you know it can also be fun? There are lots of different ways you can learn about emergency preparedness and weather safety. Check out some of the fun websites below, where you can play games and watch videos while learning how to be prepared for emergencies and different types of weather. Get your family and friends involved as well!

Ready Kids (FEMA)

Join the Heroes in learning about different disasters and help them prepare an emergency kit with the supplies they will need.

Let's Get Ready (Sesame Street)

Have fun with some of your favorite Sesame Street friends while learning about what you can do to prepare for emergencies.

Sparky the Fire Dog (National Fire Protection Association)

Meet Sparky the Fire Dog and play games, watch videos, read stories and do some fun activities about fire safety.

Owlie Skywarn (National Weather Service)

Follow Owlie Skywarn through a series of adventures that will teach you about weather safety tips and help you become a young meteorologist.