Emergency Operations Center

The City activates its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to coordinate interagency response to and recovery from major emergencies. The EOC is managed by MOEM and staffed by representatives of various agencies that are involved in mitigating a given incident.

EOCThe EOC is used to:

  • Gather, consolidate, and manage the large amounts of information that accumulate during the course of a major incident
  • Identify and obtain additional resources
  • Develop collaborative strategies and set priorities
  • Develop an overall picture of the incident
  • Support the incident commander
  • Develop and disseminate public information
  • Coordinate with neighboring jurisdictions, the State EOC, and the federal government.
  • Coordinate with private and non-profit sector organizations

The City maintains a primary and an alternate EOC.  Each facility has the same core components: an operations room, a strategy room, and a joint information center.  The City also employs an emergency management software application, WebEOC, to share and manage information in real-time during incidents between multiple locations.